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Welcome to Virtual Roleplay! Please check the rules and regulations before you register and please do not register under the existing character in this forum. TQ.

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Yoon Bomi
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PostSubject: VIRTUAL RULES AND REGULATIONS   Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:47 am

1. You are required to understand our rules and regulations.

2. After you registered, check the list of idols to make sure the character that you want to roleplay isn’t reserved or taken.

3. If you had registered to this forum, you MUST post replies or create new posts.

4. REMEMBER not to bash on any idol in this forum. We are all friends and no hating on any idol please.

5. The maximum number of accounts a person may have is 3. They may not be members of the same group.

6. Make sure that the real profile of the idol you're roleplaying is stated in your About Me.

7. Be kind to one another, don’t mix OOC drama with Roleplay.

8. Keep sensitive topics such as GENDER, RACISM, ETC in a message, chat, or under forum post.

9. If you're going to be on HIATUS-MODE, PLEASE inform or contact admins; Yoon Bomi, Hoya and Ricky.

10. We have the rights to enact new rules for this forum.
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